The Consortium

The Consortium for the Protection of Liquorice of Calabria PDO

The Consortium for the Protection of Liquorice of Calabria PDO is a non-profit association of producers, which is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the root and extract of the Liquorice of Calabria.

It is made up of over 20 consortium members, both root growers and suppliers, and companies that deal with the transformation of liquorice. Since 2011, it aims to promote knowledge of Calabrian liquorice in all areas of use (such as food or pharmaceuticals), both for sector operators and for end users, enhancing its particular properties that give it a universally recognized.

This Consortium also takes care of guaranteeing consumers that all the figures in the associated supply chain comply, during the entire production cycle, with the Production Regulations, following the cultivation and processing techniques identified and outlined therein, in order to keep intact the quality and uniqueness of this precious raw material and the beneficial substances hidden in it.

Furthermore, the Consortium’s objective is to make Calabrian liquorice known and appreciated not only nationally but also internationally, through promotion and communication plans, with the participation and organization of tastings and public events and with exhibitions on the occasion of international sector fairs, to reach a vast public attentive to the relevance of the raw materials used to obtain consumer products.

In recent years, about 300ha of new liquorice groves have been planted in Calabria which, together with the raw material coming from the wild, have made it possible to survey a surface dedicated to liquorice groves of just over 1300ha, which the Consorzio di Tutela della Liquirizia di Calabria PDO, for its mission, tries in every way to safeguard against possible impoverishments.

Autentiche radici

The Board of Directors

Scazziota Benito

Massarotto Marco
(Vice President)

Basile Silvia

Lauria Giovanni Battista (Counselor)

Massarotto Antonio
(Technical Director)

Consortium numbers

15 producers/collectors

1 initial processing company

4 processing companies

1.300 hectares of liquorice groves

Spontaneous and cultivated

900 tons of root certified as PDO per year

300 units employed among those involved in harvesting and processing

Against the estimated 100 of just 20 years ago